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I’m sorry Krista, but I can’t give you an honest answer since I know Ymir would come after me.” 

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This is supposed to be something serious, Erin.”

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Scowling just slightly, Levi shook his head. Most of his team seemed to know better than to poke fun of his height, but Ackerman never seemed to learn.

“‘I want you to lead the next scouting mission,’ was closer to what I was going to say,” he replied, frowning up at the taller man.

The dark haired male was taken back by what Levi had said to him. He had stepped back but caught himself from going any further as he held his shock within himself. This did not make any sense. Why him? “Why?” Yokosuka inquired as he regained his thoughts and composure. Perhaps this was going to be a trick and Levi was going to say something sarcastic. He was no where near the level of making sure that an entire mission would go smoothly. 



♘ Shattered ♘—— The demon chuckled a little, an amused gleam showing within his pink eyes. “Obviously~. Hehehe. Reactions like that are always funny ta me~." He grinned, showing off his snake-like canines as he snickered. "Ain’t no need fer ya ta worry though, if I wanted ta do somethin’ ta ya I would’ve done it already~" at least he’s honest. Most demons aren’t honest. Not that. Many people live after encountering a demon but. That’s neither here nor there.

That doesn’t mean you won’t.” Yokosuka muttered as he continued to walk away from the demon. Yet to him he had seen a man that could read minds? That did not make any sense. A chill ran up his spine the more he thought abut the man that he could feel the precarious feeling build up inside of him. How could someone read minds? Perhaps it was just a lucky guess or his body language had gave it away, but he was not stupid enough to trick himself of what he was feeling at this moment. 

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"Ackerman?" Levi said, looking up as the man entered his office. The captain had been reclining in his chair, feet on his desk as he sipped his tea, but now he moved to sit properly, and offer Ackerman some tea. "You’re probably wondering why I called you here, while we aren’t currently deployed."

Is it to reach the top shelf, corporal?” Yokosuka questioned as he watched Levi moved to offer him a cup of tea. Tea was not something that he was particulary fond of althugh it could be due to the fact that only his mother ever prepared it correctly. Everyone else’s teas were immensly beneath compared to her’s.

Yokosuka had appeared to not be making fun of Levi’s height with the way that he had a blank countenance glued to his face, but in reality he was. Even if he was taller than the other man he was still a teenager. 


After Sasha stopped laughing she stood up. “Sorry about that. Let’s go.” She offered a kind nod and walked to Yokosuka. She was a bit embarrassed for laughing like that  in front of him. He probably thought she was so weird.

Sasha decided just to stay quite during the walk to Yokosuka’s home.

The man did not respond to her as she had apologized for the way that she acted. Perhaps it was weird of him to answer something like that. Was it? Yokosuka thought as he questioned himself on the matter as he walked out of the school to start heading towards his home. As he walked he had gradually forgot about Sasha laughing at his statement.

Did he say why we were doing this project in the first place?


For a moment, Marco was confused. He was about to ask why they were suddenly changing directions until he saw the horde slowly approaching. A feeling of fear had settled in his chest, making him freeze for a moment before looking over at the other man.

"Alright." He gave a short nod, turning to follow closely behind Yokosuka. He gave a quick glance at the door, tempted to check if it was unlocked. He decided against that when Yokosuka had run straight past it, heading for the backyard.

He did the same, except when he saw the children, he stopped. All he did was stare at them, eyes wide. Of course, in the back of his head he still knew he had to run, but this seemed to be taking up all of his attention. Any ability to move had been stolen by these three zombified children.

As Yokosuka had ran away from the children he had no idea that Marco was not following him anymore. So as he traveled past the fence and was near the back yard of the next house he had stopped when he could not hear anyone’s footsteps behind him. His heart stopped for a moment as he swiftly turned around towards Marco. Yet he was met with no one which made his eyes head towards behind him. As he looked back he had seen the man stand right next to the children that were heading towards him.

Sure they could not get to him since they were in the fence, but the horde behind them could at any moment. Yokosuka’s eyes widen as he knew that he should keep running, but he had to get Marco. It would be better to loose Marco to the horde to slow them down from him, but he still felt it his duty to save someone else.

Damn it.” Yokosuka grunted as he ran back to Marco. As soon as he made it back to the man he had picked up his stick to jab it into one of the children’s head. He did it right in front of Marco as he then grabbed on to the man’s collar.

They aren’t people, Marco. They are monsters.” His voice was cold as he pulled the sign out of the child’s head. His hand then went to grab Marco’s hand as he pulled him along this time just as the zombies were beginning to get in a grabing range of Marco.