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19. My character singing to yours

Yokosuka’s singing voice/song

To be honest Yokosuka had not cared about singing. He was not the type to go buy a CD of some singer that he liked to the listen to, and he was not the type that would be caught singing in the showers. It was not that he hated singing, but more so that he did not like to sing. He felt awkward singing, and he felt awkward being around people that liked to sing. That had not always been the case though because when he was younger he had sang a lot throughout the household. His mother was always doing it so he had just picked up from her.

He would sing when he was doing laundry or when he wanted attention from his mother or father. Even though he sang at a young age his parents could understand him singing, but they did not want him to sing badly around them. So when he would start singing his mother would go and correct him on how he was meat to sing. Now she had a lovely voice that was not professional, but it was a voice that man people would not turn off to make her shut up if they had heard it. This was how Yokosuka was able to start learning more on how to sing properly.

Yet when his parents died Yokosuka had stopped singing. It was something that he had grown out of, and when his parents died he had felt the strong impact of his childhood dying that he just never felt like singing ever again. From that day on he had just never thought about singing anywhere. Not even when he was in car rides with his brother and best friend. Not even when he was bragged to a church in where he had to sing. H just never did. There was no singing that he had done and it was not because he was brooding over his parents. H had just chosen not to sing anymore.

Only that had changed one night when he was with Tsukimi.

He had been banned from the strange house that she was staying at because he was a boy or something like that. Yokosuka heard but could not keep up with what they saying, but because Yokosuka did not leave Tsukimi alone for that stupid action figure that she still needed to give him. They were then meant to go for a walk so that they could discuss more on the action figure situation. He needed that damn present for his brother, but she was being so adamant on not giving it to him. By this point he was just wondering if she was being like this so he would stick around. Yokosuka thought even though he did not understand Tsukimi at all.

As the two were talking down the street he had then saw a man on top of a homemade stage that was by the pet shop. Pets were something that a lot of people got around Christmas time for their loved ones so that must mean the guy that was out there was trying to advertise that. Yokosuka thought only for the guy to flag Yokosuka down to try to get him to come over. The dark haired male pulled his scarf up as he then turned his direction towards Tsukimi so that the man wouldn’t come to him.

Yet he had soon felt a hand on his shoulder to turn the man around and when he was turned around his scarf had fell down. “Sir. Why don’t you sing a song? You are able to impress and win over an audience we will give you a two hundred dollar gift certificate.” The man offered and Yokosuka was about to say no when he had then remembered that Tsukimi…had a jellyfish. Maybe if he got her that certificate he would be able to give the money to her and she could give him the action figure.

Ok.” He stated as he then grabbed on to Tsukimi’s jacket to pull her along to the stage where there were a small gathering in order to just listen to the talent, but when Yokosuka had started to walk on over to the stage a few more people were starting to look over at him then went to the stage. The dark haired male had then let go of Tsukimi as he got to the stage, and he untied the scarf around his neck to let it hang on his shoulders. His eyes were on Tsukimi to make sure that she did not run away, but then he went to the man who had gave him a microphone. 

Which song do you want for instrumental?

Stay a fake.” Yokosuke responded as that was the only song that he could recite pretty well because it was his brother and Armin’s song on a CD that they had. He had then waited to hear the music play as his eyes were still on Tsukimi, but when the music had started to play Yokosuka took a breath before he started to sing the song.

At first he had sounded rather quite, but after a few notes he had started to sin the song as it was meant to be song, and with each passing moment there were most and more people that were starting to father. Smiles were on their faces and their hands had scalded as they heard Yokosuka’s voice. Yokosuka had remained still for the most part as he was a bit uncomfortable with the stage presence, but every once in a while he would glance at Tsukimi. This was for her after all.

As the song had started to end Yokosuka had went to give the man back the microphone only for people to start clapping and whistling to let the man know that they wanted Yokosuka to get the gift certificate. The man grinned when he had heard the audience and nodded to them as he handed the man a piece of paper that was approved to be useful for up to two hundred dollars at the pet store. Yokosuka had grabbed the paper, and then took off to get off the stage. Yet the man still had to give a speech.

Here.” Yokosuka said as he started to lead Tsukimi and himself out of the crowd. “If you give me the-.” “Oh he must have ran off with his girlfriend.” The announcer announced as Yokosuka was handing the gift certificate.

18. one character undressing the other

You might have won in swimming, but you will not win here.

Yokosuka spoke as he had brought Sousuke to his room after a long day of being out with the other man. Honestly he did not know how he had gotten here, but he wasn’t going to be the one to be complaining. The dark haired male thought as he stared up at the older male while he had brought his hand up to keep Sousuke’s hand up against the wall while Yokosuka was close as he could possibly be to the other. He was shorter than Sousuke by an inch, but that did not matter because he had made up for it in his strength.

Yokosuka was right on top of Sousuke as his chest was right up against the other’s to the point that he could feel Sousuke every time that he breathed. His hand could feel the other male’s veins under his hand while his legs could feel Sousuke’s in soft touches. The dark haired male kept his eyes on Sousuke as his other hand had started to roam towards Sousuke’s shirt. Yokosuka’s eyes were like a hunter’s as he knew what he wanted and what he was going to be getting. They appeared to be cold and calculating, but at same time there was a glint of mischievousness in them. As if he really did know what he was doing.

Yokosuka’s hand had started to travel towards Sousuke’s zipper to pull it down slowly until he got half way down and then he made a swipe to unzip the jacket. Then his hand went back up to start unbuttoning the male’s undershirt. He was undoing them slower than the jacket as he went one at a time while his leg had went into the middle of Sousuke’s legs. His knee going towards Sousuke’s groin to make a circular motion. Yokosuka could at any moment rip Sousuke’s shirt off if he wanted-but he didn’t. Sousuke did not deserve to have that kind of satisfaction.

As the final button came undone Yokosuka’s hand had traveled to touch Sousuke’s stomach as his hands graced his abs until his hand went further to the man’s hip bones. His force increased as he touched Sousuke’s hip bone, but his hand had then glided over to Sousuke’s arse. Yokosuka’s hand had gripped firmly on to him while his leg then retreated from Sousuke’s crouch to tease him more because what Yokosuka wanted was for Sousuke to be begging for him. He was not going to be the one to give Sousuke any satisfaction-at least anytime soon.

At this point Yokosuka had brought the two closer together by the hips as he jerked Sousuke closer so that their pants were rubbing against each other and he could feel Sousuke just directly to the side of his crouch. Then at this time Yokosuka had finally let go of Sousuke’s hand so that it could return next to his other hand. Both of them not firmly on Sousuke’s arse with his arms firmly held Sousuke in place without giving Sousuke lead way to get away from him, or to change positions. Yokosuka was firm on not going to let Sousuke win at something like this, and he made sure to remind Sousuke as he moved to rub Sousuke’s crouch near his own.

He wanted to see how Sousuke would react. He wanted to see if he could get the other to blush, flustered, or even to the point that he was begging for him to do something. Yokosuka thought as he then went to go towards Sousuke’s front to unbutton his pants. He slid them down a bit to get Sousuke’s boxers and cock showing, but as soon as it looked like the pants were going to go down Yokosuka had brought his hands back to Sousuke’s hips to keep the pants up. Not going to be letting them drop anytime soon.  

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No. You believe in me.”

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Krista could only silently stare at her hand on his sleeve for a few moments. As much as she wanted to help, she couldn’t say that she’d known what he’s going through. She couldn’t offer any advice on what to do next, and it weighed on her chest immensely. But she then clenched his sleeve as tightly as she could without hurting him.

She couldn’t let him know she was apprehensive about this. Not when he was hurting so much more.

“C-Come on, let’s get going…” Krista pursed her lips for what to say next, but she only led him around by the sleeve until they were outside a quiet-looking restaurant.

It was by no means, an ideal location. Though there weren’t many patrons there, that could change when lunch rush rolled around, and it was a little bit farther from the town borders than she had hoped. In an emergency, she wanted to be able to get them both to the barracks discreetly. But for a spur-of-the-moment decision, it was alright. Not many people bothered soldiers, whether on or off duty, and even fewer chose to talk to Survey Corps members. And who would bother two kids when they’d rather eat?

“Alright…I think we’re okay here…” Krista exhaled as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She sat on a bench just outside the restaurant, probably meant for those waiting to be seated inside, and patted the space beside her when she had eye contact with Yokosuka. “…Now, let’s get to discussing what we can do while you’re here.”

As Yokosuka was led by Krista to the bench he did not say anything while he hand was on his jacket. He typically minded those small touches that people did simply because he didn’t want to be touched a lot of the times. Yet right now there were more important things on his mind then the girl holding on to his jacket. As she had sat down and patted the seat next to her Yokosuka stared at the spot to then sit down. Once he did he had heard her go off to say that they should be fine here. Right. In the middle of the open. Completely safe.

Yokosuka thought as he knew that if he had heard someone say that they were from a different universe as he passed by he would keep an eye on them. Just to make sure that they weren’t a danger to society. He thought with a mental sigh only to then look at Krista. How come she thought of that so quickly? Was she really a dreamer kind of girl? Or someone that still believed in magic.

Well he couldn’t say anything-magic had just happened so she would have been right.

What do you mean?” The dark haired male questioned as he at first was confused as to what Krista was talking about. While he was here? He was going to find a way out of here. That was obvious.

I’m going to get out here.” He spoke with determination even though he had an inkling that Krista was talking about what he was going to do while he was searching. It wasn’t like the answer could be found in a day or else people would be hopping around through space and time without consequences. Yet he didn’t want to think about that. He didn’t want to think about spending more than a day here when his sister and Armin could be asked to go on a mission any day. Or be kidnapped. Or anything really because without him…would they be alright?

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If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?

Armin is as straight as a rainbow.”


Eren always needs a babysitter.


That is all.


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Tsukimi had a lot running in her head. She needed to to focus on the person in front of her. She was sure that he was talking to her. Maybe he was trying to apologize or something. She turned to stone and went blank. She couldn’t handle this right now. She even made sure that she went out at a time when the holiday crowds would be fewer than usual. She couldn’t move as she just stared at the man who pointed to her bag.

Tsukimi knew she would have to come back to reality and soon because he was still trying to talk to her. She made sure not to replace what had really happened with false memories that would make her happy. She could feel her heart trying to run away as she recalled what the man had said. Action figure? Pay double? Tsukimi put two and two together and she knew her answer, no.

She had gone through so much trouble to get this gift for Mayaya. Mayaya was one of the reasons she got to live at Amamizukan. They had talked online for months before she moved in. She was sure Mayaya had picked out a good present for her too. Plus the smile on Mayaya’s face when she finally would open the gift and stop prancing around it would be priceless to Tsukimi. She could hear the screams of joy and not seeing Mayaya for hours because she was busy in her room looking at the figure.

Tsukimi took in a deep breath. She had to prepare herself to talk to someone like him. Why would someone like him want something as nerdy as this anyway? He seemed like the normal stylish guy that would hit on girls because he thought they were cute and he wanted a Three Kingdoms figure? Tsukimi would say no and run as fast as she could to the station. This guy wouldn’t follow her would he? She couldn’t debate with a person like him anyway so running was her best option.

Time to execute the plan. Tsukimi opened her mouth and closed it again. She needed to get some force behind her if she was going to be heard in a crowd and have enough courage to actually make sound. “N-n-n-n-n-n-NO!” She swallowed hard and clenched the bag in her hand. She couldn’t sell the precious gift no matter how much he offered her. Mayaya’s happiness was worth more than anything!

Tsukimi didn’t waste any time after her declaration and ran in the direction of the station. She would lose him on a train if he followed her. She ran as fast as she could through the crowd. People were getting in her way though. Her heart was still trying to jump out of her chest as she ran. Why couldn’t she run fast when she really needed to? She always hated gym and running. Tsukimi was usually the last one in the school marathons just because she couldn’t move fast enough.

She tripped and fell to the ground and stopped her fall with her hands. Ow, her hands hurt as the concrete scrapped them. She looked for the bag and quickly scrambled to pick it up and hold it close to her. She would have to hurry if she was going to make the train in time and not have to wait an hour for the next one. 

Yokosuka had waited a few minutes for Tsukimi to respond to him, yet it was seeming like that she was never going to respond to him. Was she scared of him or something? He pondered as he waited for the girl to snap out of her stone-like state. He felt like he should check his phone to see how long she would stand there but instead he kept his eyes glued to her. If she was scared of him he was going to use this to his full extent so perhaps she would end up giving him the action figure. Yokosuka did not use the full extent of his intimidation for he could have gotten closer to tower over her, but he felt that doing that to a stranger would be too creepy.

Suddenly he had heard the girl shout ‘No’ in a long droned out yell which made him feel a gust of wind go against his hair and face. His eyes widen for a split second as he was not expecting the girl to shout at him the way that she did. Why did she yell at him? Was he being too forceful? Yokosuka thought as his typical stoic countenance returned to normal while people had started to look at him like he was pestering the girl for something taboo. Only he did not notice their stares as he kept his mind focused on the task.

He needed to get that action figure. She had said no, but that did not mean that he could not stop bugging her for it. Obviously everyone had their price and this was no different. Perhaps he could provide her with a different service. Anything. He was desperate for an action figure that he could give to Eren. Sure he should have went online earlier, but he was just given the list today. There was no possible way that he could order the action figure online before Christmas and it wasn’t like Eren had said anything else. This was the only present that he wanted.

When Tsukimi had took off ‘running’ the dark haired male stared at her for a few minutes to figure out what the hell she was doing before he took off into a light jog to catch up to her. It wasn’t that hard for him considering how much he was into his physical fitness. Yet he felt surprised when Tsukimi had fallen on to the concrete. Going straight to her side he started to feel guilty that he had in fact scared her too much that she took off running to get away. Yet when she ran she ended up falling on to the ground.

He was going to help her up off the ground, but in a blink of an eye she had grabbed her bag only to head to the train. Yokosuka followed after her only for a few people to get in the way of him going after her on the train, but that was not going to stop him. He was going to get on the same train as her even though he really didn’t want to be around this many people. Yokosuka loved to never use the train because he hated being around so many people at once. It was uncomfortable for him, but this was for Eren. Yokosuka thought to himself as he snuck past a few people to get right behind Tsukimi so that when they entered the train he would be right behind her.

Once the train had stopped and people were allowed to get on he felt a few people shove him forward along with Tsukimi to get on the train so like Tsukimi they wouldn’t have to take the next train in an hour. As Yokosuka was pushed he had tried to keep his distance away from Tsukimi in order to conceal that he wasn’t there, but eventually as he was pushed on to the train he had bumped into her.

meme thingy with name I AM EREN JAEGER

Yokosuka is a demon summoned by wizard EREN JEAGER to do their bidding.

Demons were not made over night contrary to what a lot of humans believe. There were actually a lot of things that humans had gotten wrong with when it had come to demons. One of the biggest misconceptions was that demons were not creatures that would take mercy on someone. The devil was capable of doing that. Humans were capable of doing that. Wizards were capable of doing that. But a demon was not capable of showing mercy upon someone for their world had thrived on living a merciless life. There was no stopping a demon when it was set out to do something because there was only one goal that demons had in mind.

To survive.

They were merciless soldiers that served those that summoned them. Different from whatever devil that was believed in at the time. For most humans got the idea that demons were the devil’s right handed men when it was that the demons were no one’s right handed men. They were a force of evil that sought to do whatever they were summoned for in order to get the soul of the person that summoned them. It was the life of a demon. They were made by souls that had built their karma up to the point that they were corrupted into a demon.

When someone had died they had accumulated enough bad karma that they were trapped in a hell like state where being tortured with their greatest fears. If one was able to escape from this place they were called a bad spirit or ghost where they then escaped to Earth. They could potentially live there for the rest of eternity and most did due to the fear of being brought back down to hell. Only if they were vanquished by a priest were they able to stop existing-not even go into limbo or heaven. They simply stopped existing all together.

Demons were the victors of hell. They were the spirits that were able to get past hell to the other side where it was them going into a purgatory state. A place that could be opened up by a being with power in which this was what the demons had to await for years. They awaited for someone to summon them in order for them to get back on Earth where they were able to live like a human only with demonic powers. They were there to serve the person that summoned them as a way of ‘thanks’. Yet that was not the end of the condition.

Once the time had been served the demon would then take the soul of the being to send that soul to hell while they took the body. Reincarnation would be the closet to the human word as the demon would take full control of the body. If the person was old at the time the demon was able to age them down only to a middle age in order to achieve a second karma. They were given a time limit to build up enough good karma in order to get to nirvana. Yet it is only when the demon took the body that they were able to get a coconscious.

For when they were a demon their only thoughts were to get the body. Complete the task. Reap the body. If there were small children that they had to slay along the way so be it. Nothing mattered to them because they needed to get to the end. Since for them there was not a choice. Be cruel and tactful or else they lost, and losing was not something that a demon would have.

This demon had knew this all too well.

In purgatory it was a fight of the fittest. A dog eat dog world because whoever could get to the summoning circle first were the ones that would be brought up to Earth. Now even though a demon could not die in purgatory, they were able to lose by racing, limbs being chopped off, etc…It took only the strongest to get to the circle before the rest.

On this particular time in purgatory there was a summoning circle that had opened up only a mile away from Yokosuka. His black eyes blinked slowly as he traveled across the plain at tremendous speed until he reached near the outer layer. Yet as he got there another demon had went to pounce on to him. Yokosuka had dodged with ease only to have another come out at him to try to get to the circle. Yokosuka had raised a clawed hand to the demon to grip its throat and toss it to the ground.

After that he jumped into the circle. There was no time for him to waste on the demons that were coming.

Once the demon landed on the circle he had then felt himself being transported through the plain. He looked down at his body as he slowly saw him start to have a more humanoid body. His clawed feet were turning into a regular human’s while his hands were turning from claws to human hands. The transformation in itself was fascinating to him even though he could only see he pure black slowly being turned into a humanoid flesh colour.

Once the demon had been successfully transported to Earth he had turned to the person that summoned him. He appeared to be a naked man, but his structure was godly. A body that was almost pure muscle along with hair and eyes that were almost obsidian. “What do you bid for?

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Unlike the other male, he did go ahead and shower. it only too him an extra minute or two anyway. The brunette dried off and stuffed the towel in his gym bag, before getting dressed. It did occur to him that just challenging a stranger, especially one that was behind even Haru’s level in swimming was probably unfair…oh well. It’s not like won by any impressive stretch. He was about two seconds behind him.

Finished changing into his clothes, he shoved his bag into his locker and headed outside. Spotting Yokosuka, the swimmer jogged over to his side. “Alright, ready to go.”

When Sousuke had jogged up to him the dark haired male turned towards him. Well if he was going to be the one to pay then he should find the place to eat. Yokosuka thought as he put his hands into his pockets as he started to walk on ahead of Sousuke. He did not say anything to the other as he continued to walk like he had been alone. While in his mind he was thinking of places to go. Perhaps some place disgusting so Sousuke would not eat so much.

It wasn’t that Yokosuka did not have enough money, but that he was still being a sore loser from before. It still just shocked him that he had lost. Sure Sousuke was basically a professional, but he never lost. The feeling was overwhelming him which was not good on an empty stomach. Before long Yokosuka stopped at the closest restaurant that he could find which a barbecue was located inside. Must have been one where people just brought what they wanted up, grilled it, and then paid. 


A frown fell upon her lips as she saw the males reaction to her question and quickly realized that she probably should not have asked that, however she thought it might have been something like with her and the senshi, where only they know about such creatures and they must be the one’s to defeat them and keep the secret of the evil beings, to keep order in the world so they won’t end up be scared or panicking.

 Looking up at him as he got closer to her she just stood there and listened to what he had to say. She was a little confused on why he said it, and due to this fact she was caught off guard when he grabbed her wrist. All that went through her mind for a moment was that there were more of those things, and just how many more was there?

She was about to ask him her question when she was suddenly picked up and put onto his horse. A small blush swept across her cheeks as he put her arms around her, it was then that she noticed how big his muscles really were, but it was best that he had done that since she doesn’t have much experience with riding a horse. Closing her eyes she attempted to get rid of her pick colored cheeks, before then re-opening them once she heard him tell her what that thing was.

A titan..?❞ She quietly repeated him as she looked out in front of her. ❝They eat humans?❞ This time when she whispered to herself she used more of a shocked tone. She had never heard of such a thing, and for them to only eat humans was very strange. But now that she knew this she was glad that he had turned up when he did, otherwise she would no longer have her life. 

Looking down at the gear that was attached to the male she made a slight nod to herself. So that was what that thing was for, however to her it still just looked like some weird looking rectangle shaped boxes with some strange flat-ish swords. But it wasn’t like she had any room to talk, the magic that she and the others used often looked very strange.

The blonde mentally face palmed herself as he asked her a question. Now she knew that what she asked earlier was not something she should have said, because now she had no way of answering him, she was sure that if they did not have magic here then he would think she was lying or just gone completely mental. To double check that magic did not work she took a look at the watch-like device on her wrist. Flipping up the lid she then attempted to get it to work but nothing happened. The communicates were something that would usually work no matter what, considering that they are not fully magic, mainly electronic.

Tree walls? are you talking about three walls in general, or a certain three walls?❞ She didn’t know if that was a trick question or not, since when was knowing three walls so important? ❝Titan shifters? …. what are they? …. what sort of titan thing are they?


Staying silent as she noticed that there were more people out in this area, and that they were going to be stopping near them. Blinking several times as she stared at the other male that had smiled at her, but soon enough she returned a smile since she thought that it would be polite to do so. The others seemed to be allies of the man who had saved her, and they had the same sort of equipment he had as well, so she guessed that they had a reason for being out in the open where those human eaters were. 

A though popped into her head as she continued to remain quiet, maybe they, just like her and her friends, had a mission to help civilians and to keep peace in this world. Although she could just be reading too much into it, and it could just be that they were doing something else. 

Turning her head towards the raven haired male in which she was currently sat on a horse with and looked at him confused about what he had said to the others. Why did he say that she was important, it wasn’t like she could do anything special while here in this time and space, so there wasn’t really any reason for him to say so. And who was this ‘commander Hanaji? ❝What do you mean, ‘I’m important’?

So she did not know about the walls. Yokosuka thought to himself as now he confirmed that she must have been from a village far away from here. Yet how did she survive this long by herself? Was there more of her? Was there a group that she had before? What if her village was wiped out? Yokosuka thought as he was curious as to what was up with this girl, but he did not have the tools to asset the situation more than he could. He was the guy that could cut titan’s flesh up. He was not the type to get information out of people. He did not have the patience for that kind of things.

The three walls that had appeared when the titans had first came to be. They are taller than most titans except for the colossal titan. It’s what keeps everyone safe.” He spoke as he tried to explain, but really it was just common knowledge. It was like asking why was the sky blue, or why did people live. They were just there, and they have always been there. What would it be like to live in a world where the walls did not matter? Where the walls were just taken down?

We are currently in Wall Rose. The first wall to be breached about fifteen years ago.” He had forgot to explain that the wall had been destroyed by a titan shifter that ended up being on of their own. Instead he saved that information for someone else to explain. There was too much going on for him to completely answer the questions. They were just so simple and vague that if he started to explain there was no way that he was going to be able to stop-and he wasn’t even a talkative type.  It was honestly weird to have someone not know anything-weird to have someone to have lived such a peaceful life.

Once Yokosuka had reached Moblit he had dropped the conversation entirely as he had to concentrate on what they were going to be doing with her. One of the main reasons that he did not want the girl to go with Moblit was because he did not want her turning into a titan as they were going onwards. If she was going to turn into a titan then he was going to be the one to stop her. It was his responsibility and he was going to see it through. Yet Moblit was a superior over him, and even if Yokosuka felt responsible it all rested on what Moblit thought was best.

How is she important?” Moblit questioned as Minako was, and Yokosuka had ignored her to speak to his higher up. He was going to answer both of their questions at the same time anyway. Now he did not have all the facts about the girl yet, but he was not the one to ask those certain type of questions. He was meant to bring any information that was interesting or could be interesting to a superior so they could figure something out. Now he did not find her as she more so was fated for them to meet, but it still followed the same principle.

She had no knowledge of titans or of the walls. I suspect she might be one of the villages like Leonhardt, Fubar, and Braun.” At the mention of the names it seemed that all the soldiers had turned towards the girl with fury in their merciless eyes. They were murders, but it was obvious in their eyes that they were not going to take this lightly. Their hands had subtly went to their gear, but before they could say anything there were a few titans that had started to come out of the woods.

Damn it we need to keep moving.” Moblit spoke as he then turned around on his horse to take off. Yokosuka had followed the drill, but as he started running off with Moblit with a few soldiers following behind he grabbed a flare gun. He changed the colour of the barrel to one that signaled that there were titans this way and shot it off into the air. Then he had went to get closer to Moblit to see what his squad leader had to say about everything.

There are still a ton of titans out here. We can’t get to the Commander until we break through. But there is a chance that she isn’t like Leonhardt and the rest. We can’t afford to risk it, but we can’t risk losing you Yokosuka.” Moblit spoke as he looked back at the titans that were following them, at least with their horses they were keeping a good pace a head of them, but there was no way that even Yokosuka could take down three by himself. The other soldiers could go after one, but that was still a risky movement.

Then he looked back at in front of him. There was still a deviant that had been coming this way. At least it was just one. That he could get the rest of the squad to go after. “Hunter. Take your trio to the deviant.” Moblit spoke towards the survey corps behind them, and then they had clicked their horses for them to go ahead of Yokosuka and Moblit. Heading to the deviant in front of them.

We have to get to the forest again. That must be what Commander has in mind. Unless we see Eren shift we keep heading there. Yokosuka we’ll head towards him.” The dark haired male nodded as he then followed Moblit towards the east to go after Levi and Eren.