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"O-Okay!" Sasha picked her bag up and ran after Yokosuka. Goodness this guy seemed really anti-social. "So…How are you?" She asked trying to start a conversation. Maybe he wasn’t too bad, Sasha just had to try and get to know him.

Sasha felt kind of intimidated by Yokosuka. It was weird how he had this scary aura to him. Not a lot of people tried to mess with him. Sasha definitely didn’t want to mess with him. Surely he would beat up a girl, but that didn’t mean he would verbally abuse her. Awe what was she thinking?! It was bad to get to know someone by thinking terrible things about them! she had to stop doing that.

Yokosuka was not a social lite, but he wasn’t anti-social. He honestly didn’t mind being around people, but he didn’t like to be around them. It was better for him to hang out with just a few selected people like his brother Eren and his best friend Armin. It had nothing to do with him thinking that he was nervous around them, or that he was shy. It was just that he didn’t want to be around them. The dark haired male had then turned his attention to Sasha when she had asked the question about how was he. Ah-was there a way that he was meant to respond?

The dark haired male thought as he hated small chat. It honestly didn’t matter to him because there was no point in it. If he said well then she was just going to say good and if he said bad then he was just going to make things awkward. “Yes.” Was finally what he responded with as he kept on waking instead of him thinking that he had just said yes to a question that the answer was not fitting to. 



Shattered ♘—— “Never hurt m’ hip before. Even if I can’t feel pain, I ain’t never got a hip injury. Can’t say much ‘bout th’ people stupid enough ta get in a fight with me though." He snickered at that, stretching and cracking several bones in the process. "Yer amusin’ kiddo, what’s ya name? Mines Executioner but ya can call me Alexander if ya want ta." He calls everyone a kid but Yokosuka was acting pretty bratty so that made it even more funny to the demon.

Executioner? Wasn’t that a bit full of himself? The dark haired male thought, but said nothing since he wasn’t looking for a fight he was just responding to the man the same treatment that he was giving him. He wasn’t angry at him for calling him a kid, but he wasn’t going to roll over and take it. “Pops is more of a fitting name for you.” The man stated when he was asked his name, and he wanted to say that he had never asked for the man’s but he felt it unnecessary now. “Yokosuka.” 

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Esmeralda had watched with wide eyes as the dark haired stranger move past her and towards the guards, her entire body tense. Just who did he think he was? She frowned, watching him as she took a step back away from the scene. He would benefit nothing from helping her…and vigilantes were not something people were around the city of Paris.

Of course, she took immediate advantage of the situation, moving quickly out of side away from the crowds, Djali following close after her. There were no ways to the Court so close to the town square, and with the streets crawling with guards she chose to go for the darkest alleyway she could see, a large distance away from the scene that was playing out,

Slinking down the alleyway she knew exactly what to do, bringing the dark purple cloak around her rightly, sliding down to conceal herself behind a pile of little, Djali balanced back to rest on her shoulders, his little goatee being the only thing poking out of the hood. Slipping a hand into her pocket she grabbed the oh-so useful pipe they used frequently, placing it in her mouth carefully as she bent her head down. If someone were to indeed stumble across her, they’d think they’d find an old man on the streets, nothing more.


When Yokosuka had been able to lose the guards he had ended up just staying on top of the roof until the men had started to forget about him. He sat on top of the house and pulled his scarf down. Well he wasn’t going to be seen with this any time soon. The male thought as he tucked the scarf down on his neck to make it appear like it wasn’t there. Not the best of his plans, but it would have to do for now as he jumped down from the roof to land on a stack of old creates.

After he jumped down he had started to go back to find his brother and his friend. He still didn’t know what the problem around here with having street performers, but that he was going to have to ask Armin. Armin was the one that was from around here well in a sense. He was the one that had moved over here with his grandfather in order to work on some books that most people were not able to translate compared to Eren and Yokosuka who were just tourists.

After walking around Paris he was unable to find them. Where would they have went? It wasn’t like the guards would have been able to get them that easily. Did they have to get out of the way? He thought as he had passed by the old man on the street a few times, but all in all he looked like he was lost. Alright. Where would they have left? Yokosuka thought to himself as he moved to sit on a bench to try to figure this out. What the hell was even going on? It at first didn’t appear to be that troublesome, but now there must have been more to what Armin had led on. 

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Tsukimi walked towards her beloved Amamizukan and thought about how she was going to get the gift inside without anyone noticing. She was sure that there would be someone in the central room sipping on some sort of tea when she got home. She couldn’t just run up the stairs because then someone would worry and come up. She couldn’t think of any excuse that would explain why she ran. Walking straight in and trying to hide the bag could work. She’d just inch her way upstairs and hope that no one would notice.

Maybe she could use her hands as an excuse that she ran upstairs. They needed to be cleaned up. She frowned at the raw red sores on her hands. She wouldn’t be able to draw for a few days with scratches like that. The pencil would just rub wrong and leave her curled up on pain. She resisted the urge to mess with her hands and make them worse by picking at them. She didn’t understand why she always felt the need to pick at injuries. She had a scar from messing with a scab when she was younger.

She looked at the bag and thought that maybe if she got rid of the bag she could just hide the box behind her. The box wasn’t that bright and she could just say that it was a jellyfish thing if she was questioned. The bag would give away what she had bought and she couldn’t lie that it was just a simple jellyfish collectible. She rustled the figure out of the bag, another reason for leaving the bad would be the noise. It would be hard to get away with a bag rustle or two. She pushed her glasses up and stared at the figure. 

She jumped at the sound of the deep voice again. Seriously?! He followed her? What would she do if he followed her to Amamizukan? The sisterhood would freak out. She turned to him and nodded. If he was only concerned about her hands then it was fine. “T-thank you f-for your concern.” She was just going to wash them. She wasn’t sure if they even had rubbing alcohol at home. It didn’t matter really she was sure. Maybe that’s why she suffered so much when she got sick. She didn’t take care of herself right and colds prolonged themselves just because they could.

She came back to her previous conflict. She had the chance to help him since he did follow her but she would have to go into Amamizukan, hide the figure, then somehow get something from Mayaya and get past her lecture on the person. Was she really willing to do that for him? He did care about her hands even though he didn’t have to. Her shoulder sunk at her decision to try and get something from Mayaya. “I-I may be able to help you,” she mumbled with a slight hope that he didn’t hear her.

But what do you want in return?” Yokosuka questioned the girl as he stopped to turn towards her. His hand came out not to touch her but to warn her that he was going to talk directly to her. Once he had stopped he had put his hand back into his coat pocket. He waited as he stared down at her to await for the response on what she had wanted. Did she want something that he was able to give her? It appeared that she had the action figure already, but that was for her friend. If there was a way that he was going to get what he wanted there must be something that she wanted in return.

He knew how people were. It was hard for them to do something that they didn’t want to do for others. Of course there was his brother who helped him out of the kindness of his heart, but it was rare for him to find people like that. Especially nowadays in the city because everyone wanted something even if it was something that someone gave to him. If someone were to give their friend a gift they wanted one in return. Sure they might brush it off that they didn’t want something, but they won’t be saying that later on. They would gossip the entire time to everyone else to try to get everyone to go against that one person.

It happened with women. It happened with men. It was easier to hurt someone with their friends compared to just telling them straight up that they were a horrible being. The world was merciless that way. He knew that all too much, but even though he knew that he was not disheartened by others. The girl did say that she was going to help him in which that is something that he would consider kind. Then when she wanted something in return it was going to turn ugly. It was what the world was made up in.

As Yokosuka pondered to himself about the girl-he had then realized that he did not know the girl’s name at all. In fact she didn’t know his name at all. He wasn’t a rich guy. Just a man that was from a regular three times adopted family. His family had a name for themselves although the girl couldn’t have possibly known that. He in fact did not know himself. So if he didn’t have any value to his name the girl might be deteriorated from helping him. He could pay for her helping him, but it would be from the money that he had earned from his own job.

My name is Ackerman. Yokosuka Ackerman.” The man told her, but he didn’t held his hand out towards her like most foreigners would do when they met someone. Mostly because he never liked the idea of shaking hands with someone. It was just something that he felt that it would be invasive to his and someone else’s space. It was odd for a foreigner and he knew that, but then again he was still half Japanese. Must have been something in his genetics. 




"Woah." This guy was really big. Kuranosuke was glad that he didn’t ever have to go against a guy like him. What was he in? Judo? Or maybe he was taking something. "Excuse me," he said with a soft nervous laugh.

Yokosuka was not the one to notice when people were looking at him. Sure he could feel their eyes on him, but he had stopped worrying or thinking about it a long time ago. It was to the point that if someone were to try to run up to him he would be able to know, but that was only something that he trained himself to do. Most of the time when he was out on the streets he was just there to have his guard down. Although it was Yokosuka. There was hardly a time that his guard was down.

When he heard the man-or woman- behind him he had turned towards him, but his countenance remained stoic. “Yes?” 




—⊰❤⊱ ❝ What are you doin’?

What do you mean?



Shattered ♘—— “Sassy little shit, ain’t ya? I ain’t gonna be headin’ inta one of those places any time soon, kiddo." Besides, he was only twenty-two appearance wise. Being an immortal means he doesn’t age the same way as a human. How fun.

Whatever you say grandpa. Just don’t break a hip having fun tonight." Yokosuka stated as he closed his eyes then looked away from the old man. Sure he knew that the man couldn’t be that much older than him, but if he was going to call him a kid he was going to treat him like he was an old man. 


"Hmm. well, it must just be me then."

He shrugged his shoulders towards her. It probably was just her that thought that they looked alike.No one else could possibly think that they looked alike. 


"You look awfully familiar. Kind of like me…"

"I don’t see it."


Sasha just watched as Yokosuka filled out the sheet. She felt a bit intimidated to ask if he wanted help. He did have a past of beating people up… And sooner or later, the bell to dismissal rang. Finally school was out. Sasha stood up and stretched before turning to Yokosuka. 

"Um, I was wondering…should I go to your house or should you go to mine?" She smiled a kind smile. 

Oh. So she did want to try to participate in the project. Yokosuka thought as he heard the bell and put the sheet into his messenger bag. He had then put in the rest of his books and pencil into his bag as he stood up next to her. All along staying silent as he was trying to think of how to respond to the question. Well his house at the time with Hannes was a bit restless, but at least he was at work right now. It never bothered to cross Yokosuka’s mind that the house was considered dirty to most people, but at least it when the project was finished he wouldn’t have to walk back home.

Mine.” He stated as he started to walk out of the classroom to head towards the building’s exit. All along making sure that he wasn’t that far away from Sasha’s sight.